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Royal Alloy - TG Series

For the first time in the relatively short history of Royal Alloy, we are going to provide you all with a 'Real' teaser campaign!   Periodically we will rather cunningly provide a 'little' more detail painting a picture of what is ..... coming soon!

The TG will feature a predominantly steel body, it will share the 'King and Queen' seat of the GP, but that is where it ends!

New wheels, simply stunning and very retro..
New Chassis - and not like the one in this pictue!
New headset - essential for the new concept!
New Indicators (at the rear)..

Snaeaky preview.....

Sorry, but this is far too early to show pictures.

The original concept was first sketched in the UK with rough drawings and conceptual text which moved swiftly to artistic CAD presentations involving the opinions of RA colleagues worldwide. 

Fast track prototyping and clay models constantly evolving following feedback across the globe has brought the TG to the point whereby we now have press tools being made and injection moulds cut (opened).

 Keep a close eye on the teasers and the countdown!

Countdown to Public Launch 

The stunning new TG series will be launched to press and public at EICMA Motorcycle Show - Milan 2019