Our first all metal bodied scooter

The Royal Alloy GP series was really a breakthrough for Royal Alloy

The GP was the first model to feature the 'trapezoidal' LCD display, clear, reliable and has a retro feel.
Our first metal bodied scooter faithfully reflecting the iconic lines of yesteryear, a real classic was crafted with care.
Strong automotive inspiration throughout, each element meticulously designed making the end result truly stunning.
Real retro colour schemes - all about you, your choice, your style, your individuality.
A real Royal Alloy! Customised to the taste of its owner, credit shown at the foot of the page.
Durability testing on the 'Roof of the World', a fleet of Royal Allloy scooters at high altitude and low temperatures, easy!
The GP series is globally our most popular model and regularly enjoys new updates to colour schemes.
Royal Alloy scooters feature extensively in the 'fun film' To Be Someone, more details
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Brisk, agile, smooth, great handling and braking, the GP300S slices through traffic even at speed, no wonder it is a firm favourite!
Black and White LONDON photography courtesy of Philip Loveland, all images from Facebook public pages - a huge credit to the respective post.

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