TG Series

The most original real retro in the world

The Tigara Grande - a statement of originality

Royal Alloys first full colour TFT touch screen instrumentation panel, slick, smart and easy to read night and day. Note the 'gem light' on the top of the headset, real attention to detail.
Chromed air venting hidden under rear seat, classy detail for a classy scooter.
Automotive style 'flip key' that is styled on the unique side panels of the TG, a quality touch.
The rear indicators being a mandatory requirement are carefully designed to replicate the rear panel levers from yesteryear.
Even customers look to take their scooters on a journey into the past, here is one customers take on the original RallyMaster.
Here a customer wanted his own take on his favourite colour, a purple 'flip flop' colour scheme that is just so cool, what would you want to do with yours?
Invariably all customers just want to 'ride, ride, ride', either with a friend or two 9or more!)......
.....or alone, there are no rules on how you should enjoy your Royal Alloy, a pleasant sedate ride soaking up the sights or......
..... a blast through an underpass whilst on your way to wherever your journey takes you, Enjoy Life! Ride a Royal Alloy.
Black and White LONDON photography courtesy of Philip Loveland, all images from Facebook public pages - a huge credit to the respective post.

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