TG 'R'

making the tg look like a barnfind

brush the metal and clear lacquer then watch the 'rust spiders' grow

The TG 'Rustoration' project utilizing factory-prepared brushed steel and clear coating to induce rust spiders is a brilliant idea for achieving a truly unique barn-find style. Starting with brushed steel, the foundation is laid for a distinctive look that combines industrial aesthetics with vintage charm.

The clear coating serves not only to show the bare brushed steel but also to encourage the formation of rust in intricate patterns over time. As the clear coat allows a tiny amount of exposure of the steel to the elements, it will naturally develop rust, creating the desired spider-like patterns across the surface of the scooter.
This approach allows for a more organic and authentic ageing process, resulting in a genuinely one-of-a-kind finish. Each rust spider tells a story of the scooter's journey, adding character and depth to its appearance.

Additionally, the factory-prepared brushed steel ensures a high-quality base that is durable and resistant to deep corrosion, providing a solid canvas for the 'Rustoration' process.

Overall, the TG 'Rustoration' project promises to yield a visually striking and emotionally resonant transformation, turning your scooter into a captivating piece of automotive art.
A bold concept to create a 'barn find' style scooter with a patina. The original concept was difficult to produce commercially, but we never gave up!
The concept of artificial aging is not new.... In the automotive sector it has already been done before...
We wanted our 'real retro' to have that real retro finish, to look really old and aged on the surface, but structurally sound underneath.
The 'real thing', the steel panels are prepared (brushed) and a heavy clear lacquer applied. Over time a patina develops with unique rust spiders developing beneath the lacquer.
These rust spiders are totally random, therefore no two scooters will be identical!
The areas that will develop first - are random! Please rest assured, the effect is purely cosmetic and does not affect the structural components of the scooter.
There are two different versions of trim finish for the "rusto' project, either carbon effect where the detailing is carbon/black.
Carbon effect mudguard, horn grille, headlamp bezel...
Or bright chrome effect, chromed mudguard, horn grille, headlamp bezel... which style would be your choice?
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Black and White LONDON photography courtesy of Philip Loveland, all images from Facebook public pages - a huge credit to the respective post.

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