GT Series

where it all started - and remains a favourite

The Original GT series, a winning recipe

The original Royal Alloy GT series continues to hold a special place in the hearts of scooter enthusiasts, thanks to its timeless design, reliability, and excellent value proposition. Uncomplicated and faithful to an iconic era, the GT series pays homage to the golden age of scootering while offering modern performance and convenience.

One of the key strengths of the GT series is its simplicity and reliability. Built upon a sturdy frame and powered by a dependable engine, these scooters are designed to provide years of trouble-free riding. With minimal maintenance requirements and straightforward mechanics, the GT series offers a hassle-free ownership experience, appealing to riders who value practicality and ease of use.

Despite its no-frills approach, the GT series doesn't compromise on style or performance. Drawing inspiration from classic scooter designs, these scooters exude retro charm and elegance, turning heads wherever they go. Whether cruising through city streets or navigating countryside roads, riders can enjoy a smooth and responsive ride, thanks to the GT series' robust engineering and agile handling.
Moreover, the GT series represents excellent value for money, making it accessible to a wide range of riders. With competitive pricing and low running costs, these scooters offer an affordable transportation solution without sacrificing quality or performance. Whether for daily commuting or weekend adventures, the GT series delivers exceptional bang for the buck, earning it a loyal following among budget-conscious riders.

In summary, the original Royal Alloy GT series continues to be a favorite among scooter enthusiasts for its simplicity, reliability, iconic design, and great value. By staying true to its roots while embracing modern engineering principles, the GT series embodies the timeless appeal of scootering, attracting riders who appreciate a classic ride that doesn't skimp on quality or affordability.
The GT shares the speedometer with the standard GP series, simple, clear and informative
Although the GT is our entry level scooter, it shares the same 'anti-dive' front suspension as the rest of our classic range, stiffening under braking and giving the scooter a 'sportier' feel.
The GT features resilient ABS bodywork, stylish, light and durable. All classic Royal Alloys have rear racks as standard.
The GT remains to be a very popular model in the Royal Alloy portfolio - uncomplicated, faithful to an iconic era and great value.
The GT really looks the 'retro scooter', classic minimalist lines, single skin legshield with a handy storage box.
The 125cc air cooled unit is incredibly robust, frugal, and very simple. Plenty of third party vendors offer upgrade kits.
Out lightest model GT 125 is nimble and easy to handle, great suspension and braking providing sure footed handling.
Like all Royal Alloys, it is indeed rare that they stay the same as the day that they were produced - make the scooter your own, a reflection of your inner self.
You choose! A great array of standard colour choices, a large variety of after market accessories and that is where your journey starts, Enjoy Life!
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