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Brand video showing (almost) the full 2024 model line up. From the Original Classic GT 125, through the GP and TG series and introducing the New Generation Classic GT2 series.
A pretty impressive video filmed in Tiblisi with an equally impressive soundtrack by Spinner (
A nice quality upbeat video featuring the GP and TG from our friends in Valencia, Spain.
Here is 'scooter club - malaysia' having a blast out on their Royal Alloyswith a tune called 'burst' by the white ribbons.
The Royal Alloy Owners Club in Indonesia on the Jakarta to Lembang - Bandung 400km ride out! The music is 'More in My Life' by Thee Moot.
A nice little teaser for the GP300 when it was launched in Georgia.
Do not attempt this at home! The Biker Doc is an experienced 'stuntman' and blasts across Tiblisi at speeds that are somewhat excessive....
The plan was to produce the most action packed daring video..... Rather appropriate music by 'Pretty Cartel'.
The release of the Sidecar and GP-MT series had to be celebrated with a BBQ!
The International launch of the Sidecar (LH and RH), the GP-MT series - and the start of the RA brand diversifying into new market sectors
This is a link to a Facebook post - a gruelling journey for a TG300 across some of the harshest terrain in Tibet.
A nice atmospheric video of the all new GT2 around Shanghai.
Black and White LONDON photography courtesy of Philip Loveland, all images from Facebook public pages - a huge credit to the respective post.

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