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A classic scooter needs a classic sidecar - the perfect combination!

Royal Alloy's launch of the world's first homologated scooter/sidecar combination marks a significant milestone in the realm of urban commuting and personal transportation. This innovative design not only brings together the classic charm of scooters with the utility and versatility of sidecars but also ensures that the vehicle meets regulatory standards for safety and performance.

Homologation, in this context, refers to the process of certifying that the vehicle complies with the relevant regulations and standards set forth by the governing authorities. This includes aspects such as safety features, emissions levels, and overall roadworthiness. By achieving homologation, Royal Alloy demonstrates its commitment to producing a reliable and legally compliant product.

The scooter/sidecar combination offers several advantages to riders. Firstly, it provides additional stability and control compared to traditional scooters, particularly in adverse weather conditions or on uneven road surfaces. Secondly, the sidecar offers extra storage space, making it ideal for carrying groceries, luggage, or even pets. Additionally, the sidecar can accommodate a passenger, making it a practical choice for couples or families who wish to travel together.
Beyond its functional benefits, the Royal Alloy scooter/sidecar combination also captures the imagination with its retro-inspired design and timeless aesthetic. Drawing on classic styling cues from the golden age of scootering, it evokes a sense of nostalgia while embracing modern engineering and technology.

Overall, the launch of the world's first homologated scooter/sidecar combination by Royal Alloy represents a pioneering step forward in urban mobility, offering consumers a unique and compelling alternative for their commuting and leisure needs.
Sidecar passengers travel in style and comfort, lots of legroom, comfortable seat, a rigid fibre glass 'tub' with a strong perimeter frame.
An instant success, the Royal Alloy sidecar combo already hitting the streets of Beijing.
Drive on either the right or left, TG or GP we have the sidecar outfit for you!
With a capacious trunk, extra capacity can be added with a matching luggage rack.
Available in an attractive range of vibrant colours, 'Purple Passion' being one of the more exhuberent schemes.
Fully lined, carpeted and trimmed, a grab handle, USB charging port and a fitted screen the sidecar is certainly luxurious.
Choose either the TG or GP, the complete package was designed specifically by Royal Alloy for a Royal Alloy - the perfect match.
Pre-assembled, pre-trimmed 'tubs' awaiting final stages of assembly on the all new.....
.... state of art assembly line, part of the fully re-built facility to take Royal Alloy on to the next phase of the journey.
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