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Royal Alloy

A Real Classic

Your lifestyle, your scooter, your choice!

You choose your model, you choose the powerplant, you choose the way that YOU want to ride.....

You choose your accessories, you choose the road, the time and the place YOU want to go.

You choose Royal Alloy, the 'Real' choice.


Royal Alloy

A Real Classic

Royal Alloy are pleased to announce that they will be attending the International Motor Show EICMA in Milan Italy in 2019.

Royal Alloy - A Real Classic

Royal Alloy is a 'British Brand' located in the North of England, conceptual designs are created in the UK and are developed by a multi national team.  Royal Alloy are dedicated to create a range of authentic classically styled scooters featuring modern technology.

This range of models takes the retro scooter scene forward with a fresh vision for the mainstream and enthusiast in equal measures. We do this thanks to a solid background in design, development and a proven track record in bringing vehicles successfully to market.

Royal Alloy is poised to shake up the scooter scene with our sleek design and accomplished performance across the range, which sets us apart from the crowd. All this comes at a price that commands attention.

All this comes at a price that commands attention, Royal Alloy, a 'real' classic.

Scootering is a 'way of life', live your life with 'style'...
Be different, be unique, be yourself...
Royal Alloy, interestingly different...
with Style!


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